Ontario Construction Careers Alliance
Civil construction companies across Ontario are having trouble finding qualified replacements for workers who are retiring, leaving a whole variety of
job openings and creating a massive demand for skilled trades.


Civil Construction in Ontario

Whether your interests lead you into a civil construction trade or to a career in civil engineering and technical professions, the civil construction industry offers an unmatched combination of choice, opportunity and reward. Join a team that’s designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure that will be the foundation for the Canada of the future.

Be a part of a dynamic, high-tech industry that’s using lasers, computers, GPS, nuclear technology, advanced design and modeling software and much more to create the water treatment and distribution systems, highways and bridges, mass transit systems, utilities distribution networks and other public and private core infrastructure assets that are needed to support healthy communities and economic development.

With opportunities ranging from truck driver, pipelayer, asphalt/concrete crew worker or materials production to testing technicians and heavy equipment operators, the civil construction industry requires hard work and dedication, but offers higher than average pay, an exciting and challenging work environment and unlimited potential to progress and succeed in the industry. On the side of professions civil engineers and technicians/technologists will find opportunities in the private and public sectors ranging from infrastructure design, project management and quality control to contract administration and environmental management. The possibilities are endless!

Foundations for the Future