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NOC 2131


Environmental engineers design systems, processes and equipment for air, water and soil pollution assessment, prevention and control, solid and hazardous waste management, and the remediation of contaminated sites.

$42,500 to $94,100
  • Advise companies and governments about the clean up necessary to protect the health of human beings and the environment 
  • Design safe solid waste transfer, treatment and disposal facilities, water/wastewater supply and treatment systems 
  • Develop and recommend procedures to clean up sites that have been contaminated 
  • Determine how to use, protect and treat surface and groundwater effectively 
  • Assess potential environmental impact of land use projects, monitoring air, water or soil 
  • Check that industries or municipalities are complying with environmental regulations
Working Conditions
  • Work in offices and outdoors in all kinds of weather and stages of field sites
Essential Skills
  • Able to think logically and solve problems, sometimes working with limited data 
  • Patient, organized, detailed and able to work with mechanical devices and instruments 
  • A degree in environmental engineering or a related discipline 
  • Should be able to use advanced technology (for example, computer models) in assessing environmental contamination
  • Must be a registered member of the Ontario Professional Engineers Association